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Xraypad Aqua Control II XXL (900X400x4)

Xraypad Aqua Control II XXL (900X400x4)

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Aqua control II gaming mousepad. 

Aqua Control 2 is a balance gaming mousepad with speed and control.  4mm thicker rubber bring more comfortable and grip on the table.

  • Surface: Non Coating Rougher Amundsen fabric.
  • Mouse pad Type: Hybrid, Control
  • Strong Non-Slip: the rubber base upgrade to more grip
  • Flat Edge Stitched: stitching is closer and flush with the surface
  • Strong Stopping Power: stop movement instantly and easily.
  • Environment:Suitable for sweaty hands & humidity weather.
  • Dimensions:900x400x4mm

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Customer Reviews

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My first buy from Genesis pc as I was skeptical about the products as it not being a well known.
Firstly, I was helped and guided a lot by the support staff through chat to help me select the right type of mousepad. Quick delivery as promised (though the Inside packing was a bit crumbled i.e. the box opening side had tears but was still unopened).
Now with the mousepad I have been using it to play Valorant and PUBG Pc and definitely it feels much better. The mousepad helps in what it is meant to do (i.e. Control) but still feels smooth.
Its still a short time and will update this future on with respect to how long it lasts (I have previous mousepads face issues with them needing to be washed regularly and some sections loosing its smoothness). Will update with respect to that whenever I get a chance after 2-3 months.

Overall, Happy with the product and looks like a good buy.