Warranty Policy


All keyboards comes with 1 year standard warranty for all the parts except for the internal battery and USB cable (Internal battery and USB cable will only have 6 months warranty).

Only those products will be eligible for a warranty for which warranty is specifically mentioned on their product page.

This Warranty covers the defects resulting from defective parts, materials or manufacturing.
Replacement will be only possible if the product is not repairable.

In case we are unable to repair the keyboard nor we have any replacement stock available, we will issue a full refund only if the keyboard condition is decent and is sent to us along with original box and all the accessories, if the original box is not available we will issue the refund as following.

If the keyboard is

  1. 0-3 months old – 80% of total amount will be refunded.
  2. 4-6 months old – 75% of total amount will be refunded.
  3. 7-9 months old – 70% of total amount will be refunded.
  4. 10-12 months old – 60% of total amount will be refunded.

If original box is sent but accessories are missing, we will deduct the amount as following

  1. USB cable – INR – 300
  2. Switch/keycap puller – INR 250
  3. Extra switches – INR 100 (INR 25 per switch)
  4. Wristpad – INR 500

We will do a proper inspection of the product and if we found anything that is not covered under warranty we will send back the product as it sent us. 

Users will send the product to us for warranty at their own expense, we will ship back the repaired/replacement product for free.

If customer does not wants a hassle of going to courier office we also provide a pickup option which costs INR 150/-.

The customer needs to clean the keyboard before sending it to us due to hygiene concerns, incase the keyboard is delivered to us in dirty condition (Full of dust and hair parts) we will charge a cleaning fee of INR 100/-

In case the warranty is rejected, the user will have to pay both side shipping cost of INR 275/-.
You can claim warranty by sending an email to support@genesispc.in

The Warranty does not cover:

  1. Mechanical or electric damages on the PCB or any other parts resulting from incorrect installation, configuration, usage or other activities inconsistent with the operation manual or contradictory to technical specifications attached to the device.
  2. Damages caused by acts of God, floods, fires, lighting or other natural disasters, wars, unexpected events, inappropriate voltage, defective supply materials or other external factors.
  3. The device that has been tampered with by the Warranty beneficiary or any other person in any way, including reconfiguration, repair, willful constructional variations, modifications and adjustments or the warranty void sticker is removed or damaged which is present on one or two of the screws of keyboard.
  4. The device with serial numbers seals damaged/tampered are illegible.
  5. The activities specified in the operation manual, which remains the sole responsibility of the Customer in his own capacity and at his own expense.
  6. Defects resulting from the usage of improper or non-genuine supply materials.
  7. Damages due to the user’s fault or lack of knowledge (keyboard getting bricked due to improper firmware update).
  8. Defective functioning of the device caused by a conflict or incompatibility between software.
    applications installed on the damaged device or on the equipment, which the device permanently cooperates with in accordance with the intended purpose of the device.
  9. Any Damages/Rust/Burns on the keyboard due to accidental water splash.
  10. Any kind of physical damage.
  11.  Incase of keyboards, If the RGB shine through the keycaps is slightly uneven, that will be not considered as a defect, to check defect on the RGB, remove all the keycaps and then check the RGB brightness.

Keep in mind that any kind of modification done on the product voids it warranty.

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