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Royal Kludge RK S98 Wireless (Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz)

Royal Kludge RK S98 Wireless (Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz)

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The Royal Kludge RK S98 Wireless is a triple-mode wireless mechanical keyboard featuring various features including RGB backlight, multifunctional display and knob, long battery life, well-lubed customizable switches, sound absorption, angle adjustment, and many more, which gives it its smooth and whisper-quiet feel.  It also comes with professional assistant software to help you unlock a fully personalized and comfortable experience. 

1-Year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects.*


  • 98% Layout: With 96 keys, the RK S98 redefines a full-size keyboard, by providing various functionality and giving a minimalistic touch for compact desk space.
  • Diverse RGB Backlight: The south-facing LED switch is designed to showcase the RGB lighting in its full glory.
  • Smart Display and Multifunctional Knob: The two provide effortless customization with the display screen providing six different customization displays: home, GIF image display, connection and system, RGB mode and color, RGB brightness/speed, and volume and the multifunctional knob to choose your pick with a simple twist or click. 
  • Tri-mode Connectivity with 3750 mAh battery: The connection modes include Type-C wired, Bluetooth 5.0, and 2.4GHz wireless modes, adding to its versatility. The RK s98 consists of a built-in USB pass-through port, a Type-C port and a 2.4G dongle slot. The long-lasting battery life provides an experience with less disruption.
  • Well-Lubed Switches and Custom Stabilizer: For a consistent and smoother experience, the RK S98 is equipped with well-lubed custom RK Chartreuse switches.
  • PBT Cherry Profile Keycaps: Ensuring durability and better grip due to its rough texture, alongside protection from oil, chemicals and UV. 
  • Hot-swappable Keyboard: Customization is made extremely easy without the hassle of soldering with the option of 3-in and 5-pin hot-swappable switches.
  • Four-Layer Sound Absorbing Foam: The stable top-mount design with a four-layer sound absorbing foam, gives extra precision with noise control, ideal for both office and home environments.
  • 2 Stage Adjustable Design and Rubber Feet: The ergonomic design allows you to adjust angles based on your comfort as well as provides stability over long use, reducing fatigue significantly.
  • DIY Software Support: Their software support helps you unlock the full potential of a customization experience, giving control over key mappings, macros and lighting adjustments. 


  • Efficiency and Convenience right at your fingertips with an intuitive knob design
  • Interactive design and easy customization guided by smart display system
  • Enhances Workstations with a compact and versatile design featuring 96 keys and tri-mode connection
  • High-capacity battery of 3750 mAh with 200 hours of use with only 6 to 7-hour recharge time
  • Smooth and consistent keystrokes facilitated by well-lubed RK Chartreuse switches
  • Robust and ergonomic build quality with top-mount design, feet and 2-stage adjustment
  • Whisper-quiet performance backed up by four-layer sound-absorbing foam
  • Enjoy visual elegance and vibrance with the South-Facing LED backlit keyboard
  • Professional Software Assistance fostered through a wired connection
  • Ideal for office and home environments with its advanced, well-thought and quality design features.

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Mayank Malviya
RK S98 Mechanical Keyboard Review

RK S98 mechanical keyboard is a superb choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing keyboard. Its solid build, excellent typing experience, customizable RGB lighting, and good wireless performance make it a standout in its price range.

Switches and Typing Experience
The keystrokes are smooth and consistent, with no noticeable wobble. The stabilizers on larger keys like the spacebar, Enter, and Shift are well-lubed and perform admirably, reducing rattling noises and ensuring a pleasant typing experience.

+rep to genesisPc team as well as Visco they helped me a lot with editing the order and they pre packed it for our convenience, was almost a 1day delivery.

Dream Keyboard in hand!!

Hi, to all the folks that looking for their first mechanical keyboard or upgrading from a budget mechanical board, this is the one that will tick most of your boxes as it did for me..

The build quality is top notch, made of plastic but feels like metal, no flex, no squeaking, and you can throw it at someone's head in the name of self-defense!

Coming to the Keycaps and switches, both unitedly provide a subtle thockyness, the RK Chatreuse (linear) switches are factory lubed and sounds great..Keycaps are thick and made of PBT as well, legends are clear, secondary legends maybe not so much..

And then the big two which sold it to me, the Screen & the Knob!! Knob is great, indents are spot on, click is heavy though.. Home screen provides all the necessary information, and you can put gif as well..

I've changed the default switches with Akko Cream Blue Pro V3 & Matcha Green Pro V3, the cream blues with the original keycaps sounds even better..

Overall, this is one of the best all-rounder keyboards under 10k if numpad is your priority. Was waiting for this for several months and finally got it from here and received it 1 day before the expected delivery..I hope GenesisPC remains like this and maybe next keyboard awaits for me here, in the future.. :)

Best Budget Keyboard

I recently purchased the RKs98 keyboard, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. As my first mechanical keyboard, it has exceeded all my expectations. The build quality is solid, and the typing experience is smooth and satisfying. The packaging was secure and ensured the keyboard arrived in perfect condition. Additionally, Genesis PC shipped it incredibly fast—I received it within just one day. Their customer service was outstanding, keeping me informed every step of the way and patiently answering all my questions. I highly recommend the RKs98 and Genesis PC for their excellent products and service.