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Klash Of The Kaiju Deskmat (Extras)

Klash Of The Kaiju Deskmat (Extras)

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Klash Of The Kaiju Deskmat | PantheonKeys x Erikartoon Collab



In a world filled with giant monsters, or kaiju, six Toho kaijus gathered to determine who was the strongest among them.

The first kaiju was a massive reptilian beast with glowing blue eyes and a powerful roar. Its name was Godzilla, and it was the largest and most powerful of the Toho kaiju.

The second kaiju was a giant insect with shimmering golden scales and long, sharp claws. It was called Mothra, and it was known for its ability to fly and unleash devastating energy beams from its eyes.

The third kaiju was a massive beast with thick, armored skin and a long, spiked tail. It was called Anguirus, and it was known for its formidable strength and endurance.

The fourth kaiju was a massive three-headed dragon with glowing golden eyes and powerful wings. It was called King Ghidorah, and it was feared for its ability to unleash devastating energy blasts and control the weather.

The fifth kaiju was a cyborg with razor-sharp claws and a powerful laser beam on its head. It was called Gigan, and it was feared for its advanced technology and ability to adapt to any situation.

The sixth kaiju was a massive, mole-like creature with powerful digging claws and a fierce temper. It was called Baragon, and it was known for its ability to burrow underground and launch surprise attacks.

The battle raged on, six kaiju locked in a fierce struggle for dominance. But as the fight dragged on, it became clear that no one kaiju was able to gain the upper hand. The battle could go on indefinitely, with the outcome always in question.

As the kaiju continued to clash and roar, the fate of the world hung in the balance, waiting to be decided by the outcome of this epic battle.



900 x 400mm

Deskmat Thickness



Hydrophobic Cloth Top + Non-Slipped Rubber Bottom


Stitched Edges


950 grams

Designed By


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Customer Reviews

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Its a very eye catching blend of colors with a very nice concept art. It is on the more expensive side but it really ups your setup, and this is on the more speed side for mouse movement.