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Xraypad Aqua Control Zero – Slow & Control

Xraypad Aqua Control Zero – Slow & Control

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Aqua control Zero gaming mousepad. 

Aqua Control Zero is Suitable for playing CSGO, Valorant or prefer to use a bit slow mat, but the flick speed of the AC Zero is faster than traditional slow mats. Let you play more stable in FPS games.

  • Surface: Non Coating Rougher Amundsen fabric.
  • Mouse pad Type: Slow, Control
  • Strong Non-Slip: the rubber base upgrade to more grip
  • Flat Edge Stitched: stitching is closer and flush with the surface
  • Strong Stopping Power: stop movement instantly and easily.
  • Environment:Suitable for sweaty hands & humidity weather.
  • Dimensions:450x400x4mm

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Customer Reviews

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Harshit Tiwari
Review for Xraypad Aqua Control Zero Mousepad.

My First professional mousepad and I'm loving it already. Too good of a surface , nice stopping power and control also base of mousepad is sturdy along with Xraypad Jade Speed skates works like a charm!