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TX Stabilizers 2023 (AP) Almost Perfect

TX Stabilizers 2023 (AP) Almost Perfect

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Introducing the NEW TX Stabilizers!

TX Keyboard's kin25 has designed a new version of Cherry clip-in stabilizers, now available as the Almost Perfect (AP) stabilizers. These new stabilizers feature a patented design that helps to minimize rattling and wobble, while preventing wire pop-out. The inner part of the stabilizer is thicker to reduce wobble, and the outer part is rounder to improve stability.

Specifications/What's in the box

  • Available in White or Black color
  • 1.6mm PCB mount, clip-in
  • POM+TPU inner part, POM outer part
  • Stainless steel 304 wires
  • 10x Housings
  • 10x Stems
  • 4x 2U Wires
  • 2x Long Wires, 6.25u (WK) and 7u(WKL)
  • 1 Pack of Stab Stoppers
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