Switch Sample Packs

 12 120 (inc. GST)

This is a Switch Sample set, only 2 switches are allowed per variation, the order will be canceled if ordered more than 2 switches per variation.

Check out the stock sound test here: Switch Samples Sound Test

If you think any of the switches should be available in bulk, just let us know by sending mail or fill out this feedback form: https://forms.gle/2dBagHVZyKmnumiM9
Some of the switches can be bought in bulk from here: Switches Set

Minimum checkout value should be more than INR 150/-

Orders with a value below INR 150/- will be canceled.

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    Weight 0.1 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

    TKC x C3 Tangarine Dark 67g, TKC x C3 Tangarine Light 62g, TKC x C3 Kiwi 67g, Durock Koala Tactile 67g, Durock L7 Linear 67g, Durock Piano POM linear 63.5g, Durock Sunflower POM tactile 67g, Durock Purple Medium Tactile 78g (Clear), Durock Burgundy Light Tactile 67g, Durock L1 Linear 55g, Durock Daybreak Silent Linear 67g, Durock Dolphin Silent Linear 62g, Durock L2 Linear 62g, Durock L3 Linear 65g, Durock L7 Linear 62g, Durock L4 Linear 67g (Clear), Durock T1 Tactile 67g (Clear), Durock Silent T1 Tactile 67g, JWK Black, Gateron Optical Black, Gateron Milky Blue, Gateron Milky Blue (Black bottom), Gateron Cap Yellow, Gateron Cap Golden Yellow, Gateron Cap Golden Brown, Gateron Milky Green, Gateron Milky Red, Gateron Milky Brown, Gateron Milky Black, Gateron Milky Yellow, Gateron Milky Yellow (Black Bottom), Gateron Blue (3 Pin), Tecsee Metal Linear, Tecsee Ruby Linear, Tecsee Sapphire Tactile, Tecsee Diamond Linear, Tecsee Carrot Linear, Tecsee Purple Panda Tactile, Huanuo Red, Huanuo Brown, Huanuo Black, Huanuo Blue


    Durock, Gateron, Huano, JWK, Tecsee


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