1. Pending Payment: When your order has been created but payment is not done yet.
  2. Processing: Payment is done and the order is confirmed. This status will remain till the order is delivered. During this time, any tracking info/order updates will be sent via mail/available from the order page in My Account.
  3. Completed: Once the order is shipped to customer, it will be completed. After this, you should be able to see the invoice and download it whenever you want.
  4. Cancelled: The ordered was cancelled or timed out before payment.

This can happen due to browser/internet issue when the payment gateway is not able to provide us the order update. Please reach out to our mail: service@genesispc.in and mention the order number. If the payment was successful, the order status will be changed to processing.

All our invoices carry our company’s GST info by default.
If you need B2B bill for GST input credit, please make sure that Name, Billing and Shipping address match that of the registered company for which the bill is being asked for. B2B bill will not be provided if it doesn’t match. You can mention the GST details while ordering and mention to provide B2B bill in customer notes.
Please note that invoice will only be available/provided once the ordered is delivered.

Shipping an order consists of packaging, pickup and the transit involved in shipping. Packaging and pickup can take 1-3 days excluding holidays.
Typically, delivery takes about 2-6 business days from the date of pickup, The actual shipping time varies based on destination location. We ship from Bengaluru. The check pin-code option at any product page can be used to get an idea of transit time. But keep in mind that this is just an approximation. The expected time shown on tracking page of courier service can change. If there is time constraint in product delivery, please either order at a later date or order but ask to ship later.

Please note that there can be unexpected delays sometimes, any cancellations due to this will be chargeable as per cancellation policy.
As all the couriers used by us are 3rd party, we don’t have much control over them, we do try our best to get the delivery done without any issues.

Right now we provide 2 shipping options on our website.
1. Bluedart Air, if you select Bluedart Air your order will be delivered within 1-3 days after order is picked up successfully by courier, this is the fastest option we have (Note: Even with this option remote locations can take upto 5 days for delivery after pickup)
2. Standart shipping, We use multiple courier services like Bluedart, Xpressbess, Ekart, Amazon courier, Delhivery, etc. You can mention in customer notes if you have any preference, but it’s not guaranteed that it will be selected.

Please don’t worry, this is a standard process for all the courier partners.
First the shipment gets picked up by courier, then they send the shipment to the main hub of our city, from the main hub they route the shipment to the destination city, ground shipments takes 1-4 days to reach the destination city, once the shipment reaches the destination city, the tracking gets updated.
Incase there is no update on tracking for more than 5 business days, please drop an email to service@genesispc.in

This is normal for all the courier partners, it takes upto 24h for the tracking show any status after the tracking number is generated.
Usually tracking gets updated as soon as its picked up by the courier but sometimes its get updated after courier picks the shipment from us and reaches the their warehouse.

You can download the invoice in “my orders” section on your account, it should be available for download after the order is marked as completed, sometimes it takes 24h for the order status to change to completed after order is delivered.