Royal Kludge RK100 V2 Wireless (Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz)

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 5,300 (inc. GST)

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  • V2 Comes with Foam Installed
  • Comes with Lightly factory Lubed RK switches
  • Hot-swappable Design
  • Three Modes: USB, Bluetooth(3 devices) & 2.4GHZ Connection
  • LARGER Battery Life (3750mAh battery)
  • 2 USB hub
  • Full backlit RGB
  • Windows Software support


This product comes with 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects*

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      Available in 3 connection Modes

      • 2.4GHz wireless mode: Plug and play; power saving than Bluetooth; it is suitable for computers without Bluetooth. (Make sure it is not in wired mode and turn “B” to “G”, and then plug the 2.4G adapter, it will be in wireless mode.)
      • Bluetooth mode: It can connect 3 devices at the same time, convenient and fast. Turn “G” to “B”, it will be in Bluetooth mode(“FN+Q/W/E” to connect the Bluetooth device.)
      • Type-C USB wired mode: The wired connection mode is stable and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about the game being offline without power. (Use the data cable to insert the Type-C port, and the other connect to your devices, it is Type-C wired mode.)

      Weight 1 kg
      Dimensions 43 × 18 × 5 cm

      Royal Kludge


      Black, White


      RK Brown, RK Red, RK Blue

      2 reviews for Royal Kludge RK100 V2 Wireless (Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz)

      1. muledumper (verified owner)

        TL;DR: SERIOUSLY reconsider buying if you have muscle memory thats mapped to a full sized keyboard. otherwise, this is an EXCELLENT keyboard for the price.
        its pretty good!!
        i really wanted to try it in white, but im not gonna risk 6k to look like a macf–.

        features are whats written on the box/site, so im not going to waste your time writing it all down. if you wanted to be read a spec sheet, you could just go and watch a yt “tech tuber” vid lol.
        i’ll get right to the review:
        1. FEEL: feels premium. most keys arent wobbly, kb doesnt flex, finishing is pretty good.
        2. SOUND: i chose reds because im not a noisy attention wh0r3 ahole. also has the best spacebar i have heard till now, almost T H O C C Y. strangely, the other stab’d keys sound worse than the spacebar. not going to risk the warranty by opening it up before 1 year’s up, so wait till then for a sound update.
        3. KEYCAPS and SWITCHES: some legends are blurry, and not crisp at all 🙁 i really like the font used, but I wish the arrow keys had more prominient legends.
        4. wireless connectivity: somewhat spotty, but then, im using it in an environment thats quite saturated with 2.4ghz and bluetooth signals! i have 4 wireless devices within a 5 meter radius. blutooth gives me the best wireless connectivity.

        I’m keeping the following section separate because its the reason I ALMOST returned the keyboard: USER EXPERIENCE.
        I NEED the numpad and arrow keys.
        the layout of this keyboard GIVES me all the keys i need, but CAN I USE THEM?
        the arrow keys are placed in a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and INCONVENIENT position. thanks to muscle memory, i find myself mis-pressing RCTRL/Left Arrow, RShift/Up Arrow and Right Arrow/Numpad 0 a lot.
        there’s no End key!!! but there’s an Insert key?? whatttt?!!?! who has more use for Insert over End? not me for sure!
        Delete key is in an uncomfortable position.

        these are mostly personal points, and this is how i plan to eventually fix all of the issues:
        1. Arrow keys: i have set a contrasting color for them using the driver software. but its VERY annoying.
        2. Insert/End key: remapped it using the driver software
        3. Delete: not sure, maybe i’ll remap the keys or learn to live with it. frankly its not too bad, i’ve almost got it down naturally.

      2. Varun (verified owner)

        Amazing keyboard! Can’t believe it has three modes of connection with this price. It’s a steal! Very sturdy construction. I chose brown keys for my first ever mechanical keyboard. I was not disappointed. Quality is top notch.

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