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Gateron Milky Yellow (Black Bottom)

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  • Gateron 5pin switch
  • Compatible with MX based keyboards
  • milky switch housing
  • Lifetime: 50 million cycles

Gateron Milky Switches feature an opaque housing made of a different kind of plastic from normal Gateron housing tops.

The milky housing causes the LED lighting to be diffused more evenly (but with slightly less intensity) through the keycaps. In addition, they cause the switch to have a deeper and “fuller” sound.

PCB Mounted Milky Gateron Switches Come in 7 colors/weights:

  • Clear – 35g Operating | 40g Bottom Linear
  • Red – 45g Operating | 55g Bottom Linear
  • Yellow – 50g Operating | 65g Bottom Linear
  • Black – 60g Operating | 75g Bottom Linear
  • Brown – 45g Operating | 55g Bottom Tactile
  • Blue – 55g Operating | 60g Bottom Clicky
  • Green – 65g Operating | 75g Bottom Clicky

The two extra legs can be clipped to become suitable for use as plate-mounted switches or on 3-pin PCBs.

All orders come with 10 switches. 1 order = 10 switches

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm



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