We won’t be operating between Nov 10 and Nov 25 as the site staff will be on vacation. Orders can be placed till Nov 9 night. We will start operating again from Nov 26 and shipping will start from Nov 27 or next working day. Site should start accepting order 2-3 days before we open again.

The following things will take effect during the period between Nov 10 to Nov 25
1. You won’t be able to place any new order.
2. Even though we allow cancellation of orders in transit with cancellation charges, we won’t be allowing cancellation of orders in transit for this period. So, please order if you are sure of it.
3. We will be less active during this period, so expect delay in response.

Under any circumstances, if we are unable to ship your orders placed before Nov 9 night, we will let you know and ask for a confirmation if you would like to cancel the order or get it shipped after Nov 26. We ask for apologies in advance.

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