RK84 August Preorder

We plan to have the next pre-order for RK84 on August 3, 2021. The next stock of RK84 is coming is 2 batches as you might have seen from the updates page. The first batch is coming at the end of August and the next batch, sometime in mid September (there can be delays). The first batch has slightly less quantity than the second batch, but overall we expect to fulfill all the demand.

The reason for doing this preorder is to make sure no one who is looking for the keyboard is left out. The pre-order quantity is fixed, but in case someone misses on getting the choice they wanted, all you have to do is mail us at service.genesispc@gmail.com with your choice. If we have a minimum people who missed on pre-ordering, we will have another pre-order open without quantity restrictions and will try to get them also by mid September.

For price, we plan to have different prices for first and second batch(with slight difference), with second batch slightly at a lower price. Both prices will be less than or equal to the previous price of 6.4k. Preorder is for both batches and you will be able to select it in switch selection.

First batch: RK84 White with Red/Brown RK switches
Second batch: RK84 Black with Red/Brown RK switch, White with Red/Blue/Brown RK switch

Please note that we also have RK61, RK837(RKG68), RK71 & RK100 coming. You don’t need to buy RK84 if you don’t have to. We are not doing pre-order for any other RK variants. They will be available as when they arrive.
Preorder will be on 3 August 2021 at 12 pm.